Knotts Creek

Knotts Creek is an early-stage company headquartered in Richmond, Va. Knotts Creek is currently developing its first commercial product, Blue292, which treats cooling tower water without chemical additives. Blue292 aims to be the most compelling economic and environmental solution on the market today. Knotts Creek’s big idea is to provide a building efficiency solution that delivers energy savings, operational savings, healthier environments and sustainable practices.


MedCPU’s transformational healthcare decision support technology uniquely provides the most complete and accurate clinical picture about a patient to deliver reliable and effective care advice to clinicians at the point-of-care.

MedCPU understands the challenges of today’s healthcare environment to improve the quality of patient care while facing increasing economic and regulatory pressures. Advanced information technology is required to solve these challenges, yet critical clinical data is difficult to collect and use in a meaningful way because much of the patient data is documented in free-text or narrative form. MedCPU uniquely provides the solutions needed to capture comprehensive and accurate data to drive better patient care.

The MedCPU Advisor is a clinical care advice platform that uniquely reads, extracts, and analyzes all clinical data in real time, including clinicians’ free-text notes, dictations and structured fields entered into virtually any Electronic Medical Record system. The MedCPU Advisor provides clinicians with high precision, real-time prompts when they deviate from expected care and regulatory mandates, improving patient care and compliance.


There is a giver in all of us. PlanG was founded to create incremental, sustainable philanthropy by making giving easier and more rewarding. PlanG provides one intuitive platform to connect individuals with the nonprofits they are passionate about – including charities, religious organizations and schools. PlanG manages giving through a centralized financial account connecting all aspects of giving for the consumer. PlanG also provides an engagement platform for employers, retail partners, and loyalty programs to participate by contributing to an individual’s account, and benefit from a lasting brand impression.

Plugless Power

Evatran is a start-up developing wireless charging products for high power applications that offer the ultimate in recharging convenience. The Company's strategic entry point is with Plugless Power offerings for electric vehicles including the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt which currently require users to physically plug in the vehicles to recharge. With future applications including electric boats, large medical devices, and military products, the Company is poised to take the first mover position in the high power wireless charging space. Prototypes are currently in trial with high profile partners such as Google, Duke Energy, and Hertz, and the Company has projects in house from a number of international automotive manufacturers and the Department of Energy. Founded by Tom Hough, a successful Virginia entrepreneur, the Company's day-to-day operations are now managed by his daughter, Rebecca Hough, and a team of future-thinking individuals with backgrounds in the automotive, product development, electronics, and embedded controls spaces.