How We Work

Like the companies we invest in, we cut our own path. We are not your typical VC. We are not an incubator or accelerator. We are on a mission to jumpstart the Richmond region as a hub for a new breed of startups. To make this happen, we’ve designed the following set of beliefs, expertise and networks.


We are inclusive. The companies we partner with become part of a close-knit community of entrepreneurs who share know‐how, experience and common values. We actively facilitate this community through inspired events and programming curated by NRV.


We create an atmosphere in which entrepreneurs can engage in candid dialog. We frame our meetings as conversations, not pitches - as opportunities to mutually share, learn and grow.


Big, world‐changing solutions demand radical creativity. Each NRV team member is at the forefront of innovative thinking in their respective fields. By leveraging this experience, we help push the boundaries to accelerate bigger and more impactful solutions.


We connect our entrepreneurs to others who will bring value. Advisors, consultants, customers, employees, board members and funding sources. The collective networks of the NRV team become the networks of the entrepreneurs with whom we partner.


We are at your disposal. This means a commitment of financial capital, our time, energy and expertise. Through challenges and successes, we support our entrepreneurs for the long haul.